What is NCAGA? ​​
The North Carolina Asian Golf Association is a group of golfers, their families, and friends who love playing golf and enjoy each other's company. We want to continue building a strong foundation for our future generations to come.  As all of us unite together, we can share our thoughts and ideas to help one another and also be a role model for the young ones to follow.

What is Our Mission

We believe that everyone who joins this Association are people that care about the well-being of their families, friends, and Community. We want to provide our members a quality golf experience through teamwork, comradery, and competition. We want to provide for our surrounding communities with support by promoting positivity, leadership, and unification.

What is Our Vision and Values

 We strive to build a strong foundation of individuals that share the same commitment of the group to help reach these goals together. Teamwork and motivation will enable us to network with other golf associations with the same goals. We value culture, respect, integrity, and friendship.
Aims & Objectives
Mission 1

 As a group, we want to play the sport of golf, enjoy each other’s company, and meet new people.
We plan to have group outings that will include families/friends of members and anyone in the community.  
We want to provide a positive, and friendly environment with every social outing we host.
We also want to build a club that will represent our state for competitive/non-competitive golf tournaments.

Mission 2

Organizing charitable event/fundraisers to help out our Association, family, friends, and the community.
Help families in need due to unforeseen emergencies, and circumstances.
Kids Educations – Scholarship(College) programs
Infrastructure for our local Temples, Churches, Schools, and any other community programs.